15665533_10211742649388840_557540202620226662_nEarly life plays a crucial role in the development of who we are and who we will become.

Our childhood experiences influence our health and behavior and plays a huge role in whether we will repeat the same patterns we experienced as children creating a cycle of adverse life experiences.

ACE Negative outcomes

A survey has been formulated that creates an ACE score. This score gives us a snapshot for understanding the potential impact of our childhood experiences.

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If you are a parent, there are numerous programs for you and your children, offering resources and support so the adverse experiences you experienced as a child don’t repeat with your children and repeat with their children and so on.

This is really good news!


Unfortunately, a gap exists. If you aren’t a parent or if your children are adults, specific programs aren’t available that address the multi-layered impacts of ACEs.

For this reason, Tree of Life Education Center offers evidence-based programming to support you in experiencing rejuvenation from adverse childhood experiences.

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