Geospatial healing

I have always been intrigued with time. Anything having to do with the space-time continuum has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. In fact, one of my favorite books was A Wrinkle in Time and I love the movies Interstellar, the Final Countdown, and Somewhere in Time, to name a few!

Because of my fascination with time I have often pondered the notion of healing ourselves through time and have developed several very effective tools to use both with myself and with clients.

Since we know past trauma and pain can reoccur through memories and being “triggered” and we know that brain chemistry can reenact events on a physiological level I wondered if healing ourselves through time could be taken a step further and we could actually heal on a geospatial level.

What do I mean when I say geospatial healing?

In my first semester of grad school, we had a guest speaker who talked about geospatial mapping and how we can actually write on a site through the app. This idea fascinated me and I thought we could write LOVE for example and perhaps at some level provide healing for the site.

I pondered this over the months and decided to combine the notion of healing ourselves through time with geospatial map writing to heal places we’ve experienced trauma and pain.

I tried it out for myself and was delighted at how I responded on an energetic level! I felt lighter and freer. I felt as if at some level, at some place along the space-time continuum, some part of my pain had been overwritten with LOVE!

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Taking time for yourself

I learned the importance of personal retreats while engaged in environmental justice work. I was burning the candle at both ends, extremely worn out, and found myself becoming ineffective. I was losing my passion and my temper. I was out of balance and knew something needed to change if I wanted to continue being an effective leader and impact the world positively.

The importance of taking time away from work and daily responsibilities to increase our effectiveness and productivity is supported through scientific research, the life of Jesus Christ, and spiritual teachers and leaders throughout history.

Let’s take a look at a few of the published scientific articles:

It has been shown that retreating for the purpose of reflection, inspiration, and for relational purposes builds resilience and enhances well-being (Steckler & Waddock, 2018). Work breaks reduce emotional exhaustion and increase resource recovery and job satisfaction (Hunter & Wu, 2016). Creative activity is positively associated with increased performance (Eschleman, Madsen, Alarcon, & Barelka, 2014) and recovery processes are associated with increased well-being (Sonnentage, Venz, & Casper, 2017).

From a physiological standpoint, numerous studies have shown the impact of both sleep deprivation and food deprivation on the body and mind. It is common knowledge that our bodies need time to recharge and refuel in order to stay healthy and active in life.

There’s also quite a bit written in popular culture about the importance of retreating. Robinson (2016) writing for Entrepreneur magazine states, “Performance increases after breaks of all durations: from extended vacations down to microbreaks of 30 seconds.” Retreating for the purpose of developing strategic plans and vision statements is a common activity of many successful people as evidenced by numerous books and articles on the subject.

Spiritual leaders also engage in taking time away for the purpose of recharging. When I worked at a church years ago, the leadership team retreated a few times each year to engage in rejuvenation and strategic planning. In fact, Jesus Christ himself often took time away from the crowds to pray and connect. Gaultiere (2006) writes about the book of Mark and cites 9 occurrences of Jesus going on spiritual retreat for the purpose of strengthening, empowerment, and rejuvenation.

Even though it is often applauded to be strong and to keep-on-keeping-on, I encourage you to take time for yourself to recharge and refuel. You will find yourself more peaceful, grounded, effective, and productive. You will be happier too!

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Brain plasticity

I’ve been researching brain plasticity and the results are very positive!

Consider this:

It has been known for quite some time that trauma and stress-induced neurotransmitters alter our brains causing behavioral, emotional and health problems.

The research is now showing that our brains can also change through positive influences including mindfulness, music, art, and movement.

This is very exciting because it validates that we can in fact change our brain structures through simple interventions leading to happier, more joyful lives!!

These are some of the underpinnings of the Reset Your Defaults program.

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So excited to announce I will be a guest on The Inspiration Show (!

I remember the day. I was a sponge drawing in all of the inspiration and wisdom from Natalie Ledwell’s work, her guest speakers, and the master programs. I was in a zone and decided I would one day be a guest on her show!

That was about 6-months ago and guess what…she invited me to be a guest on her show!

Details forthcoming 

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The one-minute pause

Life has a way of mimicking nature. It shows up in unpredictable and often inconvenient, if not downright troubling ways (think our recent thunder storms!). I have noticed within my own life, if I want to experience peace and joy I must consider my perspective and take action to ensure I am not flowing against the current of the day. I must pause and align myself with what is.

Pausing and aligning with what is, doesn’t mean I accept the circumstances and it doesn’t necessarily change the situation. Rather, pausing changes how I perceive life and myself. When I pause, my mind quiets and I am able to feel each sense more fully resulting in clarity and serenity. When I am clear and serene I am able to conceive of new ways to show up, which often results in changed circumstances.

Enjoy this one-minute pause, courtesy of Tree of Life Education Center and the Reset Your Defaults program.

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