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Retreat Opening (20 minutes)


If you are on a schedule, set your timer for 10 minutes to engage with the drumming and free-flow movement. You will then reset your timer for 10 minutes for the Anger Process. If you are not on a schedule, engage in the activities for as long as you would like.

When ready, click this image to open the Drumming music
then enlarge to full screen.

Now, take a few deep breaths

Close your eyes

Feel the drumming in your body and begin to move your body. This is a free-flowing movement activity. As you move, visualize your body and mind opening. Continue to breathe deeply pacing your breath with your body movements so it flows and you feel a rhythm with your breath, your body, your thoughts, and the drumming.

Continue for 10 minutes or as long as you would like.

When you are complete, stop the video and give yourself a moment to transition to the next section. Drink some fresh water or herbal tea.

Anger Process 

This section is designed to last 10-15 minutes.

Suggested anger process activities:

  • Listen to heavy music and engage in free-flow movement.

  • Follow this anger activity

Stress Relief Yoga

If you don’t resonate with the anger process, do the Stress Relief Yoga instead

Virtual Hike

Closure (20 minutes)

Take a few moments to transition into this part of the retreat. If you would like a snack, have something light like an apple or drink some infused water or herbal tea.

You will need your journal and a pen during this activity.

Find a comfortable spot and click on the image below to enjoy a scene while you write.
You can turn the volume up for instrumental music or turn it off to enjoy the scene without music.

Writing Prompts:

  • Allow your experience with the drumming and free-flowing movement to guide your writing. What did you feel? What were your thoughts? Did you have any insight into who you are and what you are experiencing or what you would like to experience?
  • If you feel stuck, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to be the person you have longed to be. Put pen to paper and allow the thoughts and feelings  to flow through your pen.

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Your retreat is now complete!


Suggestions now that your retreat is complete

  • Eat! Enjoy a nutritious bowl of soup, a fresh salad or a yummy protein smoothie
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Engage with inspiring and uplifting people and activities
  • Continue to reflect and notice if you experience barriers that keep you from doing what you want to do
  • Contact me if you would like to engage in one of our full programs or browse our offerings here

Remember to nourish both your body and spirit. And, when it isn’t possible to go to your favorite places, go there in your mind.

Pause, breath, and be still. Focus on what soothes your spirit. Be transported and renewed.