Welcome to your Renewal Retreat!

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I am so excited you are here! Over the next 60 minutes, you will engage in simple tools for experiencing renewal. My hope is you will feel lighter and less burdened as a result.

Although life can be difficult, confusing, and depleting by taking a little time each day in simple activities like those you will experience in this retreat, your spirit can be renewed and your energy restored.


First you will take some time to read through the instructions [below] then when you are ready to begin the retreat click on the Begin Retreat Button.

If you have any questions, please send a text to (615) 707-1705 or click here Contact us



Retreat Format

Opening (20 minutes)

You will engage in music and movement

Renewal (20 minutes)

Next you will transition into a virtual hike

Closure (20 minutes)

Your Renewal Retreat will conclude with time in the Writing Studio

Prepare for your Retreat by eliminating distractions and setting up your space.



  • Close email and other auto-notification programs to eliminate “pop-ups”
  • Arrange child care if applicable
  • Use good quality headphones or turn up the volume on your device
  • Check your WIFI connection for stability
  • Select a comfortable space: an outdoor patio, a comfy chair, at your kitchen counter, or any other space you’d like
  • Light a candle or using an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Have a container of fresh drinking water available or a pot of herbal tea
  • Have nutrient dense food available for when your retreat ends: healthy smoothie, fresh salad, fresh juice, or bowl of soup
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Use your favorite journal and pen or purchase a special one just for your Virtual Retreat

Tools you will need:

  • Timer (if you are on a schedule). Otherwise, engage with each part of the program as long as you would like.

Retreat Opening Instructions


The music and movement portion is designed to be 20 minutes. If you are not on a schedule, listen to the music and engage in movement for as long as you would like.

When ready, you will click on the image to open the music [image available on retreat page, not here on the instructions page]

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Close your eyes
  • Feel the drumming in your body and begin to move. As you move, visualize your body and mind opening. Continue to breathe deeply pacing your breath with your body movements so it flows and you feel a rhythm with your breath, your body, your thoughts, and the drum
  • Continue for 10 minutes or as long as you would like.
  • When you are complete, stop the video and give yourself a moment to transition to the next section. Drink some fresh water or herbal tea.

Anger Process

pexels-photo-356147.jpegThere are two options for the Anger Process portion of the retreat.

  1. Listen to the heavy music and engage in free-flow movement.
  2. Follow the anger process video

If anger doesn’t resonate with you, you can engage in a stress relief yoga activity.

Renewal Instructions


When ready, click on the image to begin your virtual hike [image available on retreat page]

Closure Instructions 


Take a few moments to transition into this part of the retreat. If you would like a snack, have something light like an apple or drink some infused water or herbal tea.

You will need a journal and pen.

Find a comfortable spot and click on the image to enjoy a scene while you write. You can turn the volume up for instrumental music or turn it off to enjoy the scene without music. You can also not have the scene on. It is your choice.

Putting pen to paper just write. Don’t worry about punctuation, sentence structure or  what you are writing. Just let the words flow. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable and you may find yourself just sitting there staring at a blank page. If this occurs, close your eyes and focus on what you experienced with the drumming and movement. As you recall the drum beat, feel how you felt in your body. Spend a moment or two then open your eyes and put pen to paper. Write….beat, heartbeat, breath….just let it flow. As you continue to write your inner wisdom will engage expressing information for you to become aware of.

The intention for this portion of the retreat is to access your inner guide, identifying blocks and methods most effective for you to support yourself through this difficult time.

Once you feel complete with your writing I encourage you to write an affirmation. As you may know, an affirmation is a positive statement, written in present tense and in the first person. This is a simple way to remind yourself of what you find an effective mechanism for renewal. For example, you could create a simple word BREATH or you could write I welcome miracles into my life.

To receive a reminder text of your affirmation, you will complete a form like this [this is not the actual form]:

Next Steps.png

Click here to begin your retreat!