Welcome to your Increase Motivation Retreat!

“Realizing you have a CHOICE is a very powerful thing.
Next time you catch yourself saying ‘I have to’ try changing it to ‘I choose to’.
‘I choose to workout’, ‘I choose to be kind’, ‘I choose to …’
–Justin Miller


I am so excited you are here! Over the next 60 minutes, you will engage in simple tools for increasing motivation and opening the door to be more of who you want to be!

First you will take some time to read through the instructions [below] then when you are ready to begin the retreat click on the Begin Retreat Button.

If you have any questions, please send a text to (615) 707-1705 or click here Contact us



Retreat Format

  • Opening (20 minutes)

During the first 20 minutes of the retreat you will engage in music, movement, and art with the intention to open yourself to what needs to be seen within.

  • Exploration (20 minutes)

Next you will transition into journal writing. Putting pen to paper in a free-flow writing style will produce inner clarity enabling you to understand what is holding you back and identify what will be the most effective tool for producing motivation in your life.

  • Next steps (20 minutes)

Once you have opened up and identified blocks and effective tools, you will develop affirmations, intentions, and/or SMART goals.

Prepare for your Retreat by eliminating distractions and setting up your space.



  • Close email and other auto-notification programs to eliminate “pop-ups”
  • Arrange child care if applicable
  • Use good quality headphones or turn up the volume on your device
  • Check your WIFI connection for stability
  • Select a comfortable space: an outdoor patio, a comfy chair, at your kitchen counter, or any other space you’d like
  • Light a candle or using an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Have a container of fresh drinking water available or a pot of herbal tea
  • Have nutrient dense food available for when your retreat ends: healthy smoothie, fresh salad, fresh juice, or bowl of soup
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Use your favorite journal and pen or purchase a special one just for your Virtual Retreat

Tools you will need:

  • Timer (if you are on a schedule). Otherwise, engage with each part of the program as long as you would like.

Retreat Opening Instructions


The music and movement portion of the Opening is designed to be 10 minutes. If you are not on a schedule, listen to the drumming and engage in free-flow movement for as long as you would like.

When ready, you will click on the image to open the Drumming music [image available on retreat page, not here on the instructions page]

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Close your eyes
  • Feel the drumming in your body and begin to move. As you move, visualize your body and mind opening. Continue to breathe deeply pacing your breath with your body movements so it flows and you feel a rhythm with your breath, your body, your thoughts, and the drum
  • Continue for 10 minutes or as long as you would like.
  • When you are complete, stop the video and give yourself a moment to transition to the next section. Drink some fresh water or herbal tea.

Art Project 

pexels-photo-196655.jpegThere are several options for the Art Project portion of the retreat.

You can engage in a simple or more involved activity depending on your timeline and preferences. Below are four ideas to choose from.

  1. Simple Activity: Do an online image search using keywords describing who you strive to be. For example, you could search using the word Fit, Healthy, or Happy and select images that are meaningful to you. Download the images to your computer or smart phone. Create a slideshow and save on your desktop or upload to Facebook. These images can serve as inspiration as you continue on your motivation journey.
  2. More involved: Engage in a Vision Board activity. This involves cutting words and images from magazines and gluing or taping onto a poster board or sheet of paper. A vision board is a powerful visual representation of the life you would like to live and can inspire action toward achieving your goals.
  3. Most complex: Purchase Mind Movies as an Ad-on to your retreat. The cost of Mind Movies is $50.00. Mind Movies is a digital vision board and you have access to hundreds of images, affirmations, and music. It is a really great tool for manifesting the life you desire. To watch a demo, click here.
  4. Instead of engaging in a vision board type of activity, you might enjoy free-flowing exploration in an art application called Watercolor. To watch a video demo on using the app, click here.

Exploration Instructions 


Take a few moments to transition into this part of the retreat. If you would like a snack, have something light like an apple or drink some infused water or herbal tea.

You will need your journal and a pen.

Find a comfortable spot and click on the image to enjoy a scene while you write. You can turn the volume up for instrumental music or turn it off to enjoy the scene without music. You can also not have the scene on. It is your choice.

Putting pen to paper just write. Don’t worry about punctuation, sentence structure or  what you are writing. Just let the words flow. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable and you may find yourself just sitting there staring at a blank page. If this occurs, close your eyes and focus on what you experienced with the drumming and movement. As you recall the drum beat, feel how you felt in your body. Spend a moment or two then open your eyes and put pen to paper. Write….beat, heartbeat, breath….just let it flow. As you continue to write your inner wisdom will engage expressing information for you to become aware of.

The intention for this portion of the retreat is to access your inner wisdom, identifying blocks and methods most effective for you to move through being stuck.

Next Steps Instructions


The final segment of your retreat is to take intentional action through creating affirmations, creating an intention, and/or setting SMART goals.

The first thing you will do is review what you wrote in your journal. You will then see if you identify a pattern and if a solid method or tool was identified. If not, that is ok. We can always work through things further in another retreat and coaching session. More than likely, you will have clarity and your next step of intentional action will be clear!

Next, determine which of the following you most resonate with:

Affirmation: A simple positive statement in present tense, in the first person affirming what you want to experience. Example, I enjoy taking action!

Intention: A longer version stating what you desire for yourself and your life. This is a power statement.

SMART Goal: A goal worked in a format that has been shown through research to have positive outcomes.

S – Specific

Your goal needs to be specific. Let’s say your goal is to exercise more. You would want to specify when you will exercise. For example, you could state I will exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. That would make your goal more specific. It should also be simple. Starting a new routine can be tough so keep it simple and easy to get going!

M – Measurable

How will you know if you met your goal? You will write it down and check in with yourself or with your accountability partner to see if you met your goal. If you exercised on Monday and Friday, but missed Wednesday you would identify what got in your way on Wednesday. This progression makes your goal measurable and enables you to identify barriers to your success.

A – Achievable

Do you have access to equipment such as an exercise video or bike? You would need to make sure you have the means to achieve your goal.

R – Realistic

If you are unable to exercise because of an injury, for example, then making a goal to exercise this week would not be realistic. Keep your success in mind and create goals that you can reach.

T – Time bound

How long will each exercise session last? Set your goal to be for a specified amount of time, e.g. 30 minutes per day, 90 day program, etc. Having a goal that is time bound will help it be specific and measurable.

Once you have settled on the best approach for your Next Steps, you will engage in the process of writing your affirmation, intention, or goal. To receive a reminder text of your next steps, you will complete a form like this [this is not the actual form]:

Next Steps.png


Click here to begin your retreat!